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Welcome to Cavan Living! When people visit Ireland, they go to the major cities to view the landmarks and other attractions. But most of the beauty lies in the small towns like Cavan.

It is a county town in Cavan County in Ireland which is situated in Northern Ireland. It lies in between Dublin and Enniskillen and Donegal town. In this magazine, you will learn about this lovely town, its history, culture, people, and more.

Cavan is an old town with a rich history. Over the years it has developed and now it has good links with other towns through road and rail networks. There are churches and other notable landmarks that are beautifully constructed. It now has all the amenities needed for a good living.

Different festivals are held here every year that draws a lot of people to this lovely city. This place is rich in culture and tradition. You will be amazed by the friendly attitude of people here. There are lots of beautiful landmarks and tourist spots which attracts many tourists every year.

In this magazine, you will learn what it is like living in Cavan, Ireland. You will learn about their schools, hospitals, restaurants, and all that is necessary for a good living. You will also learn more about their traditions and culture.

We provide updated local news as well. So, you can learn about the local events, new businesses, economics, politics and everything about Cavan.

If you plan to visit Cavan or simply want to know about the lifestyle of a county town in Ireland, then you must read this magazine. You will have a great time knowing about a different group of people, their history and culture.

You will learn how an old town slowly developed to become a modern one and a hub for tourists.

To learn more about the magazine, you can contact us. Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you subscribe to our magazine and enjoy reading it.