3 Things You Should Know About Cavan

Cavan is a vibrant city and its developing day by day. More people are finding jobs here and settling here for a living. This magazine provides useful information about the town to help them know the town, its history, people and culture better. Here are some interesting things you should know about Cavan.


This small town has a rich history. It lies in the Ulster province of Ireland and lies on the border of Northern Ireland. In the 13th century, the O’Reilly Family built a castle in this town. In 1610, King James I granted Cavan a charter.

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In the 19th century, the railway sector developed, and a good connection was established with Northern Ireland. Architectural development also took place then. The Town Hall and the Roman Catholic Cathedral were built.

An interesting fact is that the famous writer Dean Jonathan Swift wrote the timeless classic ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ while vacationing in a village in East Cavan. Also, the main character of the book was influenced by a local man he saw who was big and strong.

Famous people

Several famous people came from this town. They include actor TP McKenna, songwriter W. Percy French, General in the British Army Erick Dorman-Smith, and others. Author of the popular book ‘A Border Station’ Shane Connaughton also lived in this town. Cavan has a lot of talents who have earned popularity in different fields around the world.

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Places of attraction

There are many natural and man-made attractions in Cavan. There is a beautiful castle named Lough Oughter that was built in the 13th century. This castle has a deep history and once you visit, you will know about it all. The castle is situated in a very picturesque location in the middle of a lake and you will have a great time visiting it.

Killykeen Forest Park is another place worth visiting due to its lovely sceneries. You can understand the Georgian architecture of this region by visiting the Ballyhaise College. Shannon is the longest river in Ireland and the Shannon Pot in Cavan is the source of it. This is one of the top tourist attractions here.

Cavan is a beautiful town full of lakes and hills. There are more than three hundred lakes here and you will be able to enjoy fishing in these lakes.

The people of Cavan are friendly, and they lead a very healthy life. You will find less pollution here and everything looks very peaceful. The town has all the amenities of a modern town.

There are schools, colleges, hospitals, restaurants, entertainment centres, parks, churches, and other important things that make life very comfortable.

Different industries are growing, and people are getting jobs here. It will be a memorable experience visiting this quaint Irish county town.